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What is a Brand?

Many make the mistake of thinking their logo is their brand. It certainly contributes to the perception of a business, and is an important indicator of quality. But your brand is much more than your logo.

A brand is an expectation, a promise. It is the story that your market holds in their mind when they think of you. The one they tell to their friends.

It is the sum total of everything they see, hear and experience (good and bad). That's why there are five elements that are needed to get right to be an ElectroMagnetic Brand.

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You'll be scored against the following 5 elements.


Your different audiences require different stories (yes plural). Do you have clarity on what moves each to action?


Have you developed a culture for consistent, exceptional experiences that all your audiences rave about?


Awesome products & services are no longer enough. Do you give your audiences a noble reason to love you?


Do you connect the dots well for your audiences so all your messages resonate and compel them to go deeper?


Do you breathe life into your strategies to capture hearts and minds, and sustain their affection long term?

Answer 40 Yes / No questions

Find out how you fare with audience knowledge, culture strength, impact relevance, connecting the dots with strategy and evolution.

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Once your score has been calculated, our system will produce a tailored report outlining specific actions for improving your score.

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I was chuffed by our EMB score as we've been focusing on teamwork. Now I'm challenged by the report which highlights many new ways we can improve. Thank you, I'm keen to learn more!

Tom Harrison
Harrison Agents

Discover Your ElectroMagnetic Brand Score and Turn Up Your Brand's Pulling Power!

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Who we are

The Sponge is an Australian Branding agency that opened its doors way back in 2001. We’ve been helping businesses transform and grow their brands since then, and learned first hand what it takes to build a brand.

After our purpose moment in 2015 we imploded the business and rebuilt it again as a purpose and values led organisation. Since then choosing to work exclusively with businesses that have a positive impact in the world (or the intent to do so with us), as well as an awesome product or service.

We specialise in helping second+ generation business owners rebrand with purpose. We love the aha moment when our clients’ realise they can be their good human self through their business and prosper on multiple levels. A recent rebrand helped our client double their revenue of from 4 to 8 mil in under 12 months.

We believe in walking the talk, so we’re proudly B Corp Certified and advocates in the good business community.

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